Newest Gadget/It’s a Nerd Thang/Handmade Leather Camera Strap

I am beyond excited about this new goodie!! Eep!

This is my newest treasure.  If you know anything about me you know how I love taking photos.  Just recently I found a simply beautiful accessory to add to my creative process of capturing moments in little capsules we call photographs

This delicate leather camera strap was handmade by Sam Glinsmann, the son of a good artist friend of mine, Connie Glinsmann. (Find her work here.)

Sam’s Website:


Follow Sam on Instagram: @sglinsmann for all his amazing adventures with his four-legged furry little friend, Fin. Needless to say, his sidekick is adorable!



This camera strap has a lot of great features:

It easily attaches to any camera.

I can seamlessly switch the strap from my film camera to my digital camera with ease!





The detail is absolutely exquisite!

I mean just look at it!

In addition to its utility and beauty, this strap is SUPER comfortable.  I’ve always tolerated straps for safety sake, but this one feels like butter!  It also doesn’t get hot on your neck in spite of being made of leather. Sam doesn’t have these amazing handmade leather straps all the time so I would pay close attention to his social media so you can get one of your own! Thank you so much, Sam! This beautiful camera accessory makes me feel like Annie Leibovitz and Wonder Woman at the same time!

Keep scrolling for more photos!  I couldn’t help myself 😍

Thanks for stopping by!


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