More Writing – Building Nixola’s Life from the Ground Up

Hey guys,

So, the novel I’m writing based on my thesis is turning out to be super rewarding and a learning experience like no other.  I have got myself a couple of writing buddies that keep me accountable and I’m hitting my Camp NaNoWriMo goals like a pro!!

Recently, I hit 20,000 words (out of about 80,000) and I’m coming up on the 30,000 mark quickly!

The people and places in Nixola’s life are becoming so real to me. I’m slowly building a life, piece by piece and it’s fascinating.

I’m finding out what her family is like, what her friends are like, what her work is like, how she reacts to stress, her goals, her dreams, her fears. There’s so much to one life.  A lot more than you think. It takes a lot of searching to find all the little pieces that make up this person.

The most wonderful thing about writing a historical fiction novel is how I’m learning about real people.  I’m learning a lot about Joseph Pulitzer, Nixola’s boss. I’m learning about how he got his start.  I didn’t know he went mostly blind during middle age.  I didn’t know of his crazy rivalry with Hearst (aka the guy who wound up owning every single newspaper in the country and still does.  Look up your local newspaper, odds are it’s owned by the multi-corporation know as, Hearst).  I didn’t know what the New York World building (The paper Nixola worked on for most of her career) looked like.  But I do now!

new york world building.jpg

The New York World is building on the far left!

I’m finding that most places Nixola came in contact with are gone now, including the New York World Building 😞 But I was able to find the last apartment where Nixola lived and it still stands today!

Nixola's apartment

I got this image from Google when I found Nixola’s address in her obituary.  At first, I thought this couldn’t possibly be the same building she lived in, but then I looked up the date it was built.  Needless to say, there was a lot of gleeful squealing.  lol 

The thought of standing where Nixola stood is almost more than I can comprehend.  I know she was just a person but this feeling is the closest anyone will ever come to time travel.  And it starts with connecting with another soul across time.

I don’t know what it is about connecting with another human like this, but it really is cosmic in some sort of way.  My novel will be fictional, of course, but it still feels pretty amazing getting to know this woman. We’ve become pretty good friends ❤️

Bye guys,

-Sarah the Nerd

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