Just Being Honest…

I’m not sure what it is…I’m just going to be honest about it.  I haven’t been blogging since the start of 2019.  I didn’t even really do a proper post when I finished my #40booksin2018 goal!  I want to be honest about my absence and quit making excuses for myself and maybe then I will be able to figure out what’s going on with me.

I’m not always motivated to write.  I love to write, but sometimes I deliberately avoid it.  It doesn’t matter how much time I do or do not have, how many positive quotes I save as my lock screen wallpaper, or how many times I say to myself, “I’ll write later today.”  I still don’t write when I don’t feel like it.

For the first time in my life, I’m actually sick of my feelings running my life.  I don’t “feel” like working out.  I don’t “feel” like getting up early.  I don’t “feel” like writing.  I don’t “feel” like working on that project.  True I don’t HAVE to get up at 5am.  I don’t HAVE to work out.  I don’t HAVE to write a blog.  However, if I want a different kind of life, don’t I HAVE to do the things most people would not do?  Yes.  Getting where you want to be is not easy.  I used to think if I was just making progress, I wouldn’t care how hard it was to get it done.  That’s definitely not true.  I care A LOT.  I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to sticking it out.  When things get tough, I tend to bail.

I rarely look at my shortcomings because it makes me so uncomfortable.  I’m not doing this for anyone to feel sorry for me.  I’m facing this reality because you have to admit when there is a problem or you will never start looking for a solution.  The hardest part of the solution to my problem…is the fact that it is simple.  Easy answers are always the hardest to implement.  I simply have to ignore how I feel and do what needs to be done regardless of whether or not I’m in the mood.  Easier said than done, I know.

So, obviously…I need a plan.  *cue the dramatic music*

So if you don’t already know, I am a journal freak!  I have way too many and I use them for different things.  I have a traditional journal where I write on big days in my life (birthdays, graduations, etc.).  I have a complaining journal where I’m allowed to say whatever I want even if it’s hurtful (it helps me work through my feelings and thought processes). I even have a time-of-the-month journal…go ahead and judge me if you want. Lol.

close up journal

This is a journal by Atticus, an amazing poet (which is no longer available, unfortunately, *sad face*)!  Get his second book, The Dark Between Stars here on Amazon and follow him on Instagram @atticuspoetry

He also has some amazing prints for sale on his website at: www.atticuspoetry.com

I’ve decided this will be where I write down my victories.  I will plan them and I will execute them, one at a time.

My first priority is an illustration project I’ve been working on for over a year now.

My second priority is to read at least 100 pages a day.

My third priority is writing either for my blog or for my novel, every day.  It doesn’t matter the volume.  Simply write every day.  I need to create that habit of writing.  You’ve got to write a lot of crap so you can get to the good stuff.  lol

Let’s see if I can make my New Years’ resolutions last a little longer than February 1st. lol


bookshelves far shot

My Christmas Present

Merry late Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year!  I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your families.  I know being with family is my favorite part of the holidays ❤

I know this post is late but I’ll make it up to you I promise.

For those of you who know me best, you know I love books…duh! But what you may not know is my dream to have my own library!  When I say “have my own library,” I am talking full-on, gorgeous, Beauty and the Beast, complete with a ladder that slides down the shelves, LIBRARY!  I don’t know what it is about shelves and shelves of titles, running my fingers across the titles as I walk by, judging the books by only their covers, but it’s simply heavenly!


So, in my bedroom, I have a lot of shelves, but I have been wanting to add more (don’t judge me, lol).  My sweet dad created these amazing shelves for me out of mahogany and I have been dying to put them up.  He created six and once he completed sanding them down so smoothly they feel like butter, I got an idea.  I could potentially create a desk with some of them!

I have to give a big shout out to my dad who helped me with this awesome project.  Love ya Dad!

So we took three of the six boards and braced them with four pieces of wood across the bottom.  I ordered some hairpin legs from Amazon and some of those industrial pipe shelf brackets.  Dad helped me put it all together and I couldn’t be happier with the result!



Now I have a great space to write and create!  Every time I look up at the shelves it makes me smile (partly because they aren’t full which means I can buy more books!) but also because the sight of books reminds me of how many adventures I’ve been on, how many countries I’ve visited and how many lives I’ve lived through books.

Ok, I know I’m nerdy, but just indulge me.  lol

I know it’s silly to think your location or environment has anything to do with your creativity but I’m DEFINITELY feeling inspired!



In fact, I’m feeling so inspired I think we are going to have not one but TWO blogposts this week!  That’s right, you heard me.  Besides, I owe you guys an update on my reading challenge for 2018!  Tune in this weekend to find out if I made it!


Long story short, my Christmas present rocks!  What’s your nerdy kryptonite?  Shelves and shelves of books do it for me every time.



Newest Gadget/It’s a Nerd Thang/Handmade Leather Camera Strap

I am beyond excited about this new goodie!! Eep!

This is my newest treasure.  If you know anything about me you know how I love taking photos.  Just recently I found a simply beautiful accessory to add to my creative process of capturing moments in little capsules we call photographs

This delicate leather camera strap was handmade by Sam Glinsmann, the son of a good artist friend of mine, Connie Glinsmann. (Find her work here.)

Sam’s Website:



Follow Sam on Instagram: @sglinsmann for all his amazing adventures with his four-legged furry little friend, Fin. Needless to say, his sidekick is adorable!



This camera strap has a lot of great features:

It easily attaches to any camera.

I can seamlessly switch the strap from my film camera to my digital camera with ease!





The detail is absolutely exquisite!

I mean just look at it!

In addition to its utility and beauty, this strap is SUPER comfortable.  I’ve always tolerated straps for safety sake, but this one feels like butter!  It also doesn’t get hot on your neck in spite of being made of leather. Sam doesn’t have these amazing handmade leather straps all the time so I would pay close attention to his social media so you can get one of your own! Thank you so much, Sam! This beautiful camera accessory makes me feel like Annie Leibovitz and Wonder Woman at the same time!

Keep scrolling for more photos!  I couldn’t help myself 😍

Thanks for stopping by!